How can I see your rentals in person?
We love meeting our couples, planners, and stylists in person! Please email us at office@idorentalsindiana.com to get you an appointment set up at our showroom located in Anderson, IN. 
How long do I rent an item?
Our rentals are a 3-5 day rental depending on your choice of pick and drop off days. This gives you time to pick up your items, set them up and return them all clean!
How do I place an order?
You can create an account on our user friendly website. Once you place all your items in the cart and submit your order this will alert our team to make sure all your items are in stock and available. The team will then send you an invoice and a contract to sign. 
What is needed to place an order?
Items are not reserved until we receieve your 50% deposit as well as a signature showing you have reviewed and agreed to our rental contract. A valid credit card will be required to have on file.
Can I change my order? How do I change my order?
Yes, you can change your order up to 14 days before the event. Email office@idorentalsindiana.com to make any changes to your order. 
Do you offer delivery?
No, currently we do not offer delivery.
See below for our pick up times.
When can I pick up my order?
Please contact the I Do Rentals office to schedule your time as these times can vary by availability of staffing.
Pick up times are Thursdays and Fridays 11am-2pm
Return times are Sunday 1:30-3:30pm and Monday 11am-2pm
What type of vehicle do I need to pick up my order?
Upholstered items or fabric must be transported in an enclosed vehicle such as a van or a box truck for protection against all weather-related risks. Items that are not at risk of weather damage like crates, barrels, coolers, etc may be transported in a truck bed or flat bed trailer. 
Can I pick it up myself?
Customers are responsible for ensuring that items will fit safely and securely in their vehicle to prevent damage. Customers are responsible for providing their own transportation materials (plastic tarps, blankets, straps, etc).
Customers are responsible for loading and unloading items in and out of their vehicle. Please bring an assistant for the bigger rental items (altars, furniture, tables, etc). 
Do you offer set-up?
At this time I Do Rentals does not offer set-up.
Replacement cost of a rental?
Items that are lost or destroyed beyond repair will be billed for replacement. The Lessee will be billed replacement fee based on current market value. All damaged items must be returned to I Do Rentals to determine the replacement fee. 
How should I return my rentals?
We ask all items are returned the way they were rented out. Washed, clean and wax free. We understand cleaning wax is hard but please see below for our tips and tricks. 
A cleaning fee of $2-$5 per item will be applied to items that are returned with copious candle wax or stains.
Are live flames allowed? How do I clean candle wax?
We do allow live candles with any rental. We just ask that all items are returned wax-free. To prevent wax all over rentals, we do offer a line of LED candles for all of our rentals. 
We recommend adding a tiny bit of water in a candle holder (votive, hurricane glass and mason jar, etc) before putting in candles. When it comes to taking the candle out, usually all the fallen wax comes out with the water. 
When cleaning the candleholders, place them in hot water and let the wax melt a bit then rub the glass out with a cloth. 
If there are large amounts of wax place the candle holder in the freezer. Once the wax is frozen you may chip off a majority of the wax. Hot water will then help get rid of any minor residue that may remain.